Thursday, February 17, 2011

‘God’s Brain’ by Peter Wild (1940-2009)

This is what happens to God’s thoughts
                                    as they become more secular,
         for uncounted ages a white mass
                                        of seething cottage cheese
                                 expanding over the lovely altiplano
                and doing exactly what it has to do
                                                   entirely happy with itself,
until reaching the edge of the table
                                gobs of it begin falling off,
                  dropping there, the hills of Barstow, California,
                          beside the rusted railroad
                                                  along the sandy river,
      the sulfurous curd
                       of its own permanent sunset.
And the people living there now?
                                   They have a vague memory
           from childhood of once having escaped from the circus.
       If you ask them, they won’t say
                that the Great Buddha himself sometimes hurried,
            but as they stand there thinking about it
                        you can see the possibility
                                                  quivering on their lips.

(published in Permafrost, vol. 17, 1995)

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